Friday, July 18, 2003

Why A Special Prosecutor's Investigation Is Needed To Sort Out the Niger Uranium And Related WMDs Mess 

FindLaw's Writ - John Dean: Bush misleads American People: "What I found, in critically examining Bush's evidence, is not pretty. The African uranium matter is merely indicative of larger problems, and troubling questions of potential and widespread criminality when taking the nation to war. It appears that not only the Niger uranium hoax, but most everything else that Bush said about Saddam Hussein's weapons was false, fabricated, exaggerated, or phony.
Bush repeatedly, in his State of the Union, presented beliefs, estimates, and educated guesses as established fact. Genuine facts are truths that can be known or are observable, and the distance between fact and belief is uncertainty, which can be infinite. Authentic facts are not based on hopes or wishes or even probabilities. Now it is little wonder that none of these purported WMDs has been discovered in Iraq.
So egregious and serious are Bush's misrepresentations that they appear to be a deliberate effort to mislead Congress and the public. "

Labour Ally Brown attacks "psychotic" Blair 

Chancellor launches stinging attack on Labour leader: "Another article in the magazine is headed 'What is the point of Tony Blair?', while a third declares: 'The question of Tony Blair's sanity can no longer be avoided.'
It quotes Sidney Crown, a former consultant psychotherapist at the Royal London Hospital, as saying that Mr Blair 'does not exist' and compares him with an actor. He adds that Alastair Campbell, Downing Street's director of communications and strategy, is 'very much represented in Mr Blair's dark side, which is why they like each other ... the psychopathic personality is very quick to pick things up and shift and move about'.
Dr Crown suggests that Mr Blair did not decide to lie about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, but had been 'highly selective' over intelligence material, seeing the material that appealed to him. 'With all forms of psychotics, if you ask people about the consequences of what they've done they can't tell you, because they've no ability to see the future.'"

More historical revisionists 

Chinese Muslim discovered America: "The British submarine engineer and historian Gavin Menzies gave an astounding seminar on March 15, 2002 to the Royal Geographical Society in London, with evidence to support his theory that Zheng He, a Chinese Muslim navigator in the Ming dynasty, beat Columbus by more than 70 years in discovering America.
Using evidence from maps drawn dated before Columbus' trip that clearly showed America, and astronomical maps traced back to Zheng He's time, Menzies is confident that the Zheng He should be honored as the first discoverer of America."

Another "Secret Team" up to some "Dirty Tricks" in the basement of the White House 

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The spies who pushed for war: "According to former Bush officials, all defence and intelligence sources, senior administration figures created a shadow agency of Pentagon analysts staffed mainly by ideological amateurs to compete with the CIA and its military counterpart, the Defence Intelligence Agency.
The agency, called the Office of Special Plans (OSP), was set up by the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, to second-guess CIA information and operated under the patronage of hardline conservatives in the top rungs of the administration, the Pentagon and at the White House, including Vice-President Dick Cheney. "

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Revolution of the Mind  

Revolution of the Mind || Mission Statement: "RevolutionOfTheMind.org is a community of pragmatists who like to explore this question. This is a site for people who want to discuss the nature of the bodies, minds, and dimensions they find themselves inhabiting. It's a site for people who’ve got one foot in the grounded modern world and the other foot god knows where!"

Taxpayers prop up Big Brother 

"Peter....Leave the House, Now!" - Big Brother: "Queensland taxpayers subsidised the first three Big Brother television series for more than $700,000, the State Government revealed today.

Arts Minister Matt Foley today told a state budget estimates committee hearing that each of the Network Ten reality-TV series, filmed at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, had received $100,000 in cast and crew rebates. "

Smart Mobs - Sydney Smart Flocks on "Ken Park" 

Smart Mobs -: "Anti-Censorship Smart Mobs in Oz"

Howard Reingold posted my link to a SMH article about smart flocks in Sydney organised around the film "Ken Park", which has been banned by the Australian government for a scene depicting auto asphyxiation style masturbation.

Spies grow spines over Bushawks' Syrian WMD claims 

Hearing delayed as CIA revolts over claims on Syrian threat - smh.com.au: "The CIA objected to a Bush Administration assessment of the threat posed by Syria's alleged weapons of mass destruction that was to be presented to Congress.
After the objections, Tuesday's planned testimony by an undersecretary of state, John Bolton, a leading Administration hawk, was delayed until September.
US officials said Mr Bolton had planned to tell a House of Representatives international relations subcommittee that Syria's development of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons had progressed to a point where they posed a threat to stability in the region. The CIA and other intelligence agencies said the assessment was exaggerated. "

Digging for Googleholes 

Digging for Googleholes - Google may be our new god, but it's not omnipotent: "But the oracle—recently described as 'a little bit like God' in the New York Times—is not perfect," writes Stephen Johnson in Slate. Just read it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Pineapplehead Big Kev may go Multinational 

"People's Float" cleaning products entrepreneur and Gold Coast businessman is trying to keep his company afloat and angry shareholders at bay with a Gold Coast shopping centre land deal: "Other options include working on more 'niche products' using 'the expertise of very smart industrial chemists I have working for me' and allowing local businesses to use the Big Kev name. 'I don't want to sound like a smart arse but the name is fairly well known,' he said.
There is one hitch. Mr McQuay, a passionate supporter of 'Australian made', has admitted he might introduce overseas products if things get worse.
'If we can't develop niche products the only way we can compete with the multinationals is to look overseas,' he said. 'It's not something we are thinking about straight away.'"

Howard's "Bring 'em on" to Kim Jong il 

Nuclear chill stirs China to action - smh.com.au: "Mr Howard, on an Asian tour, said Kim Myong-Chol - seen by some observers as a mouthpiece for the North Korean regime - 'doesn't have a lot of credibility'. He had made similar threats before and Australian was not going 'to react to rhetoric of that kind'.

Mr Howard added:
'I don't think North Korea has any functioning weaponry, if I can put it that way, that's capable of delivering it.'"

Country Music Superstar lashes Team Bush over Iraq 

Los Angeles Times: Not at peace with events: "Politicians do all the talking

Soldiers pay the dues

Suddenly the war is over

That's the news.

'I'm the 'fightin side of me,' ' Haggard said. 'I'm gung-ho about everything our armed forces do. God bless them. They are over there and we ought to be proud. I hope they still have some over here, protecting us. We seem to be spreading ourselves too thin. We are talking about going into some other country, going to liberate somebody else.

'What is this? Are we just sort of stumbling around in the dark? Is there any long-term plan at all or are we just running our own wars as we go?'

Asked if he feels there is any contradiction between the questioning of 'That's the News' and the flag-waving of songs such as 'Okie From Muskogee' and 'The Fightin' Side of Me,' Haggard looked surprised.

'I think the guy who wrote 'Fightin' Side of Me' was a patriotic American and I think the guy who wrote this new song is also a patriotic American,' he said."

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Springer's campaign ticks off Hicksville 

Jerr-ree! Jerr-ree!: "Residents of Hicksville aren't too happy that Jerry Springer is using the northwest Ohio village as a symbol for his U.S. Senate campaign.
Springer, 59, is raising money for his campaign by charging $100 for autographed photos of himself pointing to a Hicksville corporation-limit sign. The photo is shown on his Web site, www.runjerryrun.com.
Springer, a Democrat, is not expected to formally announce whether he will run for the Senate seat held by Republican George Voinovich until later this month.
The photos are superimposed with words that commentator Jonah Goldberg uttered on a CNN politics program this year: 'If Jerry Springer shows up, he'll bring all these new people to the polls. They will be slack-jawed yokels, hicks, weirdos, pervs and whatnot.' "

Parliament goes wireless for bloggers' summit 

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | : "Mr Watson, the blogging Labour MP, sees the advent of the blog as a better way of engaging young people in politics, pointing out that while 500 of the great and the good may have turned out for Peter Mandelson's Progressive Governance conference at the weekend, the 120 bloggers who have turned up at little more than a week's notice for tonight's event will probably be younger and less party-political."

Monday, July 14, 2003

Forbes.com: Korea's Weird Wired World 

Korean Net Addiction Growing Rapidly: "South Korea has gone gaga over broadband. This nation of 46 million people, packed into an area smaller than Virginia, has quickly become the world's most wired nation. "

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