Saturday, June 28, 2003

Video Chat Software Reviewed 

Video Chat Software Reviewed: "Audio chatting, too, opens up a new application: leaving the line open for hours as you and a distant buddy share an experience. You can make periodic wisecracks as you watch the same game or movie on TV, ask occasional questions as you review documents, and so on. If you stifle the instinct to hang up as soon as possible - a decades-old impulse from the pay-by-the-minute telephone era - audio chat offers a comfortable, inexpensive, unrushed form of telepresence."

Friday, June 27, 2003

The Sunday Mail QLD: Cost of war and peace [22jun03] 

The Sunday Mail QLD: Cost of war and peace [22jun03]: "THE Brisbane parents of a peace activist are proud of their son but worried he may be facing a jail term in Ireland."

Been Brown so Long, It Looked Like Green to Me : The Politics of Nature 

Amazon.com: Books: Been Brown so Long, It Looked Like Green to Me : The Politics of Nature: "From the co-founder of CounterPunch, 'America’s best political newsletter' (Out of Bounds Magazine) comes a comprehensive seven-part reader on environmental politics. Covering everything from toxics to electric power plays, St. Clair gives you a shocking view of how money and power determine the state of our environment."

Looks good to me.

The COWs are not coming home 

The COWs are not coming home from Iraq, or anywhere else very soon.

In fact they are now starting to lose more men in Iraq during this false peace than they did in the war.

In part, this is due to the more formidably-armed and determined Shiite resistance forces in the south. Yesterday two US soldiers were killed in seperate ambush attacks, one day after six British M.P.s, organising a new police force, were killed by an enraged Shiite mob. 2 soldiers are missing. http://www.msnbc.com/news/870749.asp?0cv=CB10

What explains this sudden increase in tensions, with the Brits now yanking off their soft berets and buckling up their Kevlar vests and helmets this week?

The Coaltion forces are now combating the obvious influx of Mujahaadeen fighters from outside Iraq keen to tangle with the Yankee infidel and thwart the Bush/Sharon pacification strategy for the Middle East.

Cultural misunderstandings and aggressive house to house searching have antagonised some former neutral Iraqi civilians into supporting these bolder shows of poltitical defiance led by determined, battle-hardened partisans, such as the mass demonstrations recently witnessed in Bagdahd and in the south.

The results of further armed suppression of the population's apparent political will is not pleasant to contemplate. The COW risks touching off a tipping point of political instability, where legitimate and moderate-held grievances over cuts in basic services and seeming inaction by COW on handing over power to Iraqi nationals slips into outright armed militancy and support for insurgent movements,

The Bushistas at least doesn't seem to be aware of this, or don't think that tipping point is anywhere near. They are on a march of folly.

With WMDs nowhere in sight and elections growing closer, Bush, Blair and Howard's need to find a fig leaf and a mandate for their actions is growing.

Dangerously for the American people, they trust that diversionary therepy will keep the public's eye off their own behaviour.

Like a bad flashback, the public still paying attention to war news are witnessing a bizarre combination of West Bank Occupied Territories (which Donald Rumsfield constantly calls the "so-called occupied territories") and Vietnam.

The perfect way to highjack the 2004 elections is to be fighting a war, preferably several wars, as indeed we are - now in the Solomons too. We have witnessed egregious assaults on truth in government in the deliberate twisting of intelligence by the political arm, yet the electorate seems not to care that it has been told lies. We must stop the cancer of the "failed state", they are told, pretend that the fact that we own the systems that have brought such distress to these former S Pacific tropical paradises is of no consequence to anyone.

I read yesterday that Howard could choose September 11 2004 as the date for his increasingly likely double dissolution. A portion of the population is waking up to what's going on, but more need to do so soon!

Wired News: Support for Nanobots Shrinking 

Wired News: Support for Nanobots Shrinking: "'I don't rule out anything that might happen in the 22nd or 23rd century,' said Kevin Ausman, executive director of Rice University's Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology. But Drexler's itty-bitty robotics 'isn't nanotechnology that anyone is working on experimentally, or even has the beginning of a coherent plan to achieve.' "

The cyrogenics thing leaves Drexler more vulnerable to the science fiction claims, methinks.

Another Coalition solider KIA in Iraq as Shiite Rebels step up pace of attacks on occupying US forces 

Are we entering a terrifying quaqmire in Iraq and a fast deteriorating global security situation? We are in a declared war in the middle of a Middle East war against Islam by Christian U.S. fundamentalists. Everyone is in denial that this is the case.

And now that we are in the poo above our johdpurs so to speak, we are along for the ride with Dick and George's posse of righteousness whether we like it or not.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Google Press Center: Zeitgeist 

Google Press Center: Zeitgeist: "Top 10 Gaining Queries
Week Ending June 24, 2003
1. harry potter
2. wimbledon
3. real madrid
4. hulk
5. jackie titone
6. mega millions
7. ssc results
8. laura sadler
9. new york daily news
10. benton harbor"

Monday, June 23, 2003

"We call it the 'Hybrot' because it is a hybrid of living and robotic components," the designer of the Hybrot rat brain computer. "We hope to learn how living neural networks may be applied to the artificial computing systems of tomorrow. We also hope that our findings may help cases in which learning, memory, and information processing go awry in humans."

Australian, US and British special forces took control of a quarter of Iraq before the war was officially launched on March 20, allied forces commander General Tommy Franks said yesterday.

In an extraordinary statement that suggests Australians were engaged in the war prior to Prime Minister John Howard officially committing troops, General Franks said more than 50 12-member special forces units secretly entered the Iraqi desert before hostilities began.

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