Friday, June 13, 2003

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Chandler - Product Roadmap

Navy may join Korea blockade - theage.com.au
Mr Howard said there was "a very direct interest to Australia" to confront North Korea's refusal to comply with the international community's demand that it dismantle its nuclear weapons program.
He said Australia was urging China and several other countries to become involved and warned it would be "risky" to do nothing about North Korea.
"The idea of being involved in such an interdiction is something that we've looked at in a very proactive fashion," Mr Howard told ABC TV's Lateline.

All the way with GWB
smh.com.au - The Sydney Morning Herald
The family of Queensland's jailed chief magistrate, Di Fingleton, pictured, has called for an investigation by the State's Crime and Misconduct Commission into a letter signed by 51 of Queensland's 73 magistrates calling for her dismissal.
Her brother, Ron Fingleton, said it was inappropriate that magistrates were plotting against his sister while she was on trial.
"Some of these people can't stand the fact that my sister was appointed to organise what others have described as the rabble that was the Queensland magistracy," he said.

Queensland's Chief Pineapple of the Legal System is behind bars, in case you haven't been keeping up with news from the Smart State lately.
Calls to ban head stapling (June 13, 2003)
THE Australian Rugby League has taken steps to ensure there is not a repeat of Wednesday night's gruesome State of Origin head stapling incident.

NSW winger Michael De Vere had 14 staples inserted into a head gash by Blues medical officer John Orchard on the sideline in the first half.

This is proof that Ausrtralian Rugby players really are stoopid iron men.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Monkeypox Brings Rodent Embargo
Wednesday's sales ban could be a blow to a small clan of Texas prairie-dog harvesters.
An estimated 20,000 prairie dogs are sold from Texas each year, said John Herron, chief of the wildlife diversity program at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which tracks the number of non-game wildlife sales.
The social, pudgy cousins of the ground squirrel, prairie dogs live in large colonies, or "towns," across Western sections of North America. But Texas' large swaths of private land and relatively loose wildlife restrictions makes the state a fertile harvesting ground.
"There's a lot of dogs down there, and they want to get rid of them," said J.W. Vanderpool, a dealer from Meade, Kan.

Dissipative structures - Wikipedia
Dissipative structures are highly ordered, stable systems operating far from equilibrium. They are characterized by the appearance of stability, but are continually changing. A simple example is a whirlpool. While a similar shape is maintained water is continually moving through. More complex examples include lasers, BĂ©nard cells, and even life itself. The term dissipative structures was coined by Ilya Prigogine.

Vale, Illya! Who died on 28 May.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Sami Mikhael Amin Al Shammas, 69
Here is what happened. It was the night of April 7; no electricity as usual and heavy shelling around our neighbourhood. Dad heard a very loud explosion next door and ran to see what was happening. He found that our house had some damage and called my mother to see. She found a candle and went outside to the front porch. She kept calling my dad but there was no answer. She started to cry and a neighbour came to help. They found my dad on the ground close to our driveway. He had been hit by a piece of a cluster bomb - one of many falling in the area in the last few days of war.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | One last warning from the man who made an enemy of Bush
Mr Blix is worried about the future, expressing "nervousness" at the US adminstration's belief in pre-emptive strikes. "Obviously it raises the need for solid evidence and quality intelligence," he says, adding that intelligence material was treated in "a lighthearted way" by the US and Britain.
He insists the UN has a role, despite it being seen as an "alien power" by some within the US administration who "would not care if it sinks into the East river".
So does he feel that it was worth the personal pain, that he was effective?
"Oh yes," he says without hesitation. "We proved beyond a doubt and under immense pressure that independent, impartial, objective monitoring can be achieved. We were in nobody's pocket. Every day I get letters from inspectors who would like to work again. We're immensely proud of what Unmovic achieved."

Blix' swan song is a poke in Bush's eye.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

mbox: [HUMOR] prairie-dog vacuum
"You can feel when he's fighting back," Honaker yells over the roar of the
powerful suction. "He's got a good hold, and then he loses it."

Just then, the hose jolts, and with a rumbling whoosh, the rodent shoots up
the hose.

"One!" Honaker mouths, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

A moment later, another whoosh. "Two!"

Monday, June 09, 2003

The Courier Mail: 'Townsville kiss' livens up conference [09jun03]
IT was meat worker versus academic at Labor's state conference at the weekend when the Brisbane meeting deteriorated into an old-fashioned stoush between two party members.

In a "rigorous policy debate" meatworkers' union delegate Russell Carr allegedly headbutted MLA and former academic Mike Reynolds on Saturday.

New Scientist
Inspired by the population studies that found a link between smoking and lung cancer, reef scientists have compiled what could be the most compelling evidence yet that farming is harming the Great Barrier Reef.

Minor parties dismiss 'power grab' Senate plan. 09/06/2003. ABC News Online
Greens leader Bob Brown says Mr Howard's proposal is an "arrogant' grab for power, and describes Labor's position as a "cop-out".
"Any day of the week in Parliament, the Opposition of the day can support the Government to put through legislation, so if Labor is really worried about the GST being initially imposed then it should have supported it," he said.
"If it's really worried about the Howard Government bringing in legislation to privatise health and education, then Labor should support it and see how its voters think about that."

Prairie Dogs as "Pets"
Most prairie dog "pets" are pulled from their homes and separated from their families in the wild before being forced into artificial environments in human homes. Methods of "collection" include trapping, vacuuming, and flushing. All are traumatic.

Monkeypox could be used as bioweapon
The Russians worked with monkeypox virus, a close cousin to smallpox, in their bioweapons program and it is possible terrorists could use it in a biological attack against the United States, scientists and former United Nations weapons inspectors told United Press International.
Although some biological weapons experts are concerned with the possibility of terrorists using another smallpox-related virus called camelpox, which Iraq has admitted to researching, Mark Buller, a biologist at Saint Louis University who conducts research on smallpox vaccines, said he is more concerned about monkeypox.
Buller's concern stems from the fact that monkeypox, unlike camelpox, causes mortality in humans and the incidence of human infection is on the rise in central and western Africa.
In addition, the Russian biowarfare experts are known to have worked with the virus in the Soviet Union's biological weapons program.

Hmm..this is from last September (UPI)
Praire Dog-African Rat link to Monkeypox outbreak in USA
MADISON -- Tests have confirmed that four people in Wisconsin contracted the monkeypox virus after coming into close contact with pet prairie dogs, marking the first time the disease has been discovered in the Western Hemisphere, health officials said Sunday.
The findings at least partially confirm that monkeypox has caused an outbreak of rashes, fevers and chills in people across the upper Midwest since early May. Monkeypox is a viral infection that is related to smallpox.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

FindLaw's Writ - Dean: Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction
President George W. Bush has got a very serious problem. Before asking Congress for a Joint Resolution authorizing the use of American military forces in Iraq, he made a number of unequivocal statements about the reason the United States needed to pursue the most radical actions any nation can undertake - acts of war against another nation.
Now it is clear that many of his statements appear to be false.

Boston Globe Online / Nation | World / Expanding role of Defense Department spurs concerns
Some specialists worry that as the military is used, other traditional instruments of foreign policy can suffer and atrophy. The State Department, they fear, could be undercut, and the intelligence community could become distorted and politicized.
''You've got many different tools of national power, and if you've got one that is very muscular and well developed, and you have others that in comparison are a bit more anemic . . . you have a tendency to use the one that's well-developed,'' said Clark Murdock, a former defense official who works at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

That's called "sticking to your strategic advantage" in the corporate world.
ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies, June 9-10, 2003 - Boston, MA
ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies 2003 Conference & Expo is the first business-oriented forum to address the recent emergence of Weblogs into the business world and their rising importance as a medium of communication. This conference will bring together Webloggers who are pioneers, experts, and technologists. Together, they will present the latest developments, strategies, and success stories behind what is now becoming known as the Business Blog, or B-Blog for short.

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