Friday, May 30, 2003

USATODAY.com - Site seeks matches for politically active
The ad might read something like this: "Tall, blonde, 'No Blood For Oil' activist seeks same. Let's have fair-trade coffee sometime."
Online personal ads such as this fictitious one are in the offing thanks to ActForLove.org, a Web site matchmaking service launched Tuesday that looks to connect the hearts of progressive activists.
The fledgling Washington, D.C.-based service describes itself as the place to "Take action. Get action."

NEWS.com.au | Jesus was gay claim (May 29, 2003)
JESUS was gay and so were at least three of his 12 disciples, according to a Melbourne academic.

Dr Rollan McCleary, a University of Queensland PhD graduate who now lives in Melbourne, will today be awarded his doctorate for a thesis on gay spirituality.
Dr McCleary said Jesus's astrological chart, clues in the scriptures to which the churches had been blind and accurate biblical translations had all played a part in his conclusions.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Ryze business networking
My question to the group is this... By using the blog format, Movable Type, RSS feeds, and even probably TrackBack, Primedia is hoping to reach into the blog community (especially since traditional publishing is rapidly losing ground to blogs)... Since all of the Guides are real people, all pretty decent writers and experts on our topics, and we're allowed to run our sites pretty much unfiltered and unedited, I think this will fly. Do you? Or do you think that the blog format is antithetical to a large media outlet like Primedia?

Jeebus. Primedia are blogging now?!?
Boxes and Arrows: The Sociobiology of Information Architecture
Pity the poor prokaryote.
Born blind, deaf, and mute, shuffling around in the darkness at 30 miles per hour, grasping for food, searching for mates, the life of your average bacteria (or any of the several trillion single-cell organisms on the planet) is invariably nasty, brutish, and short.
Be glad you're a eukaryote. Like amoeba, insects, chimpanzees, and every other form of complex animal life, we enjoy not only the polymorphous pleasures of multi-cellularity, but also a singular gift, one that distinguishes us from all other known life forms: the ability to share knowledge with each other.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Jeff Brand argues that modern children learn best from media that are socially relevent to their lives - On Line Opinion 26/5/03
The lesson of the Diverse Worlds Project is simple: video games tap into our existing cultural base, video games can be a part of learning and contemporary socialisation and video games can be a tool to inspire interest in formal culture, as long as they are tapped accordingly. Marc Prensky is the author of a striking book entitled Digital Game-based Learning. He reminds us that few young learners today live in a home without a computer and none have known a world without television. He calls them the game generation, others use the terms "N-gen" or Nintendo generation.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Boston Globe Online / Nation | World / Writing term papers has become a lost art
''Bibliographies? We don't really even know how to do those. I don't even know how I would write a 15-page paper. I don't even know how I would begin,'' she said.
Her experience appears to be increasingly common. Across the United States, high school English and social studies teachers have cut back or simply abandoned the traditional term paper.

"Martin Sheen Issues Presidential Pardon" by Cinnamon Stillwell
In further evidence that Martin Sheen’s role as President on the ''West Wing'' has gone to his head, he’s now taken to handing out ''pardons.'' This Associated Press article, posted at the Herald Sun, shows what happens when actors get too involved in their roles.

Yeah, just like R Reagan...cept I prefer Sheen's version of reality.
Herald Sun: Scrutiny call on ABC war cover [27may03]
THE Federal Government today threatened to investigate the ABC's Iraq war coverage after it deemed it disturbing.

Communications Minister Richard Alston said he was assessing various examples of the coverage throughout the war.
Any investigation could include a focus on comments by news and current affairs chief Max Uechtritz who is alleged to have described the military as "lying bastards".
Mr Uechtritz has since been quoted as saying he was misrepresented and the so-called quote was inaccurate, incomplete and taken out of context.
Senator Alston today described as disturbing coverage on ABC Radio's AM program about a propaganda war in Iraq and other comments about the Pentagon's approach to the war.

Herald Sun: Sheen supports Australian activist [26may03]
AMERICAN actor Martin Sheen, who plays the US president in the television program West Wing, has "pardoned" an Australian peace activist facing charges of causing over $4.5 million in damage to a US military jet.

Sheen symbolically pardoned peace activist Ciaron O'Reilly who, along with four others, has been charged with damaging the jet during a protest in Ireland in February.
The Australian is a member of the Pit Stop Ploughshares organisation, which was vehemently opposed to the US-led military campaign to oust Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Harvard University Press/When All Else Fails
In policies as diverse as limited liability, deposit insurance, Social Security, and federal disaster relief, American lawmakers have managed a wide array of private-sector risks, transforming both the government and countless private actors into insurers of last resort. Drawing on history and economic theory, David Moss investigates these risk-management policies, focusing in particular on the original logic of their enactment. The nation's lawmakers, he finds, have long believed that pervasive imperfections in private markets for risk necessitate a substantial government role. It remains puzzling, though, why such a large number of the resulting policies have proven so popular in a country famous for its anti-statism. Moss suggests that the answer may lie in the nature of the policies themselves, since publicly mandated risk shifting often requires little in the way of invasive bureaucracy. Well suited to a society suspicious of government activism, public risk management has emerged as a critical form of government intervention in the United States.

Islamic Republic News Agency ( I R N A )HeadLines News
American actor Martin Sheen has expressed
solidarity with a group of Irish war protesters, charged with
causing criminal damages to a US warplane, saying they had "moral
Sheen, who stars as a US president in the television drama series
'The West Wing,' said he was prepared to give the five Irish
demonstrators his own special dispensation and "grant them full
pardon," the Irish Independent newspaper reported Saturday.

We propose two new tools to address the evolution of hyperlinked corpora. First, we define time graphs to extend the traditional notion of an evolving directed graph, capturing link creation as a point phenomenon in time. Second, we develop definitions and algorithms for time-dense community tracking, to crystallize the notion of community evolution. We develop these tools in the context of Blogspace , the space of weblogs (or blogs). Our study involves approximately 750K links among 25K blogs. We create a time graph on these blogs by an automatic analysis of their internal time stamps. We then study the evolution of connected component structure and microscopic community structure in this time graph. We show that Blogspace underwent a transition behavior around the end of 2001, and has been rapidly expanding over the past year, not just in metrics of scale, but also in metrics of community structure and connectedness. This expansion shows no sign of abating, although measures of connectedness must plateau within two years. By randomizing link destinations in Blogspace, but retaining sources and timestamps, we introduce a concept of randomized Blogspace . Herein, we observe similar evolution of a giant component, but no corresponding increase in community structure. Having demonstrated the formation of micro-communities over time, we then turn to the ongoing activity within active communities. We extend recent work of Kleinberg [11] to discover dense periods of "bursty" intra-community link creation.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Philadelphia Daily News | 05/22/2003 | Green Party wants to run Ortiz for Council in Nov.
City Councilman Angel Ortiz still can't bring himself to say he lost Tuesday's primary election.
"I still need to look at all the numbers," Ortiz said in a brief appearance yesterday. "At this point, I think it is a fluid situation." But barring a major surprise, challenger Juan Ramos's 1,200-vote margin over Ortiz will prove insurmountable, and the tale of Ortiz's demise can be told.
The 19-year Council veteran was undone by a foolish personal lapse, his own attack on a powerful interest group, his failure to court other politicians and just plain bad luck.
But there may be a silver lining of sorts for Ortiz. The local Green Party is interested in running him as a candidate in November, raising the prospect that he could end up serving on Council with Ramos.

Watchdog says media curbs in Aceh put journalists at 'grave risk'. 24/5/2003. ABC News Online
The Indonesian military's attempts to stop reporters quoting rebel statements in Aceh province put journalists covering the war there "at grave risk", a New York-based journalists' organisation said.
"The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is alarmed by the efforts of Indonesian military authorities in Aceh to control press coverage of the conflict there," CPJ executive director Ann Cooper said in a letter to President Megawati Sukarnoputri.

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