Friday, May 09, 2003

CBS News | U.S. Wants Iran Nuke Censure | May 8, 2003 17:59:19
Washington signed a truce with the People's Mujahedeen, which opposes Tehran's cleric-dominated government, allowing it to keep its weapons although the Iraqi-based group is on the U.S. State Department's terrorist list.

USATODAY.com - Next space shock: Chinese are coming!
No president since JFK has recognized that whoever is No. 1 in space ultimately can call the shots on earth. Before the Chinese shock hits, we should get this dormant gateway to the universe back in big-time business.

Bigger wake-up call than Sputnik?

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

America locks up more of its population than any other nation on Earth, a rate five times greater than most industrialized nations. In 1970 there were fewer than 200,000 prisoners in the U.S.A. Now, less than thirty years later, California alone has nearly that many. There are nearly two million across the country. The states are spending an average of $100 million per year on new prisons. Prisoners currently sleep on floors, in tents, in converted broom closets and gymnasiums, or in double or triple bunks in cells that were designed for one inmate. For the most part, prisons are barbaric, terrifying places. Crime victims derive no benefit from this misery. We offer convicts no opportunities to learn compassion or take responsibility for what they have done, nor make restitution or offer atonement to their victims in any practical ways.
Approximately 240,000 brutal rapes occur in our prison system each year. Most of the victims are young, nonviolent male inmates, many of them teenaged first offenders. They are traumatized beyond imagination. Michael Fay’s caning in Singapore was child’s play compared to the reception he would have had in nearly any state prison in America. Contrary to political sloganeering, we are not soft on criminals. We are irresponsibly vicious.
Nearly 70% of all US prisoners are serving time for nonviolent offenses. Please let that sink in, because it’s probably not the image you’ve received from the media.

From Ram Dass' Prison Ashram page. Well worth a visit.

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